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Our Mission:

to create innovative experiences

that inspire a sustainable lifestyle.

Our People:

folks who lead active, intentional, and playful lives.

Our Product:

culinarily-driven, plant-forward food and bev that leaves you feeling better.

We Do This By:

- maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit and challenging the status quo.

- being solution-focused and open to change.

- prioritizing inclusion to elevate our community.

- encouraging individual initiative and growth.

- optimizing efficiencies to do more with less.

get amongst it

who we are
what we do

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just in case you were wondering...

Is ANMLY now Banter, and if so, why?
Yes. Same business, different name. The ANMLY brand was a great place to start, but we have grown A LOT over the last 3 years. In order to keep pace, we decided that we needed a bigger umbrella. We hope you are equally excited about our changes and expansions!

What is After Hours?
After Hours is our 21+ bar/restaurant located on Prospect Street, right around the corner from the Banter cafe. The locations work together: think of the cafe in the morning and After Hours, well, after. 

What exactly does Banter do?
We are a multi-location food and beverage establishment offering dine-in, takeout, and catering services all day long. In more "playful" terms, we make a lot of really good and a lot of really bad decisions. We try things out. We're not afraid to make mistakes. Our dishes are colorful, plant-forward, and will defy your expectations. We like to support the community around us, and we ensure our employees are treated right. We supply Bellingham with an ever-changing, always-banging Spotify playlist. Sometimes we work, mostly we banter.

What kind of food do you serve?

This is a tough question to answer because we do not adhere to any standard cuisine. We like to get creative with unique combinations of spices, flavors, and textures from all around the globe. You'll find plants, fun proteins, lots of herbs, citrus, pickled things, and crunchy bits on our menus. We like to make things that are extremely well-balanced and leave you feeling peachy. 

Are you Vegan/Vegetarian?
We are certainly plant-forward, but our menu changes frequently and sometimes features meat and dairy. However, we do our best to craft our offerings in ways that can be easily modified to accommodate common dietary needs. 

I've been hearing around town that you are zero waste. What exactly does that mean?
We do NOT operate at zero waste, but we are mindful of the waste we create and take active steps to drastically minimize landfill contributions. We do this by seeking operational efficiencies whenever possible and composting everything we can. 

Will you donate to my event?

Generally speaking, we are happy to support your cause. Please tell us about your organization and let us know specifically how our donation will be utilized. To get started, shoot us an email at

Why can't I always order the Banter Burrito?
Our cafe kitchen is open 8am-2pm, but some days we have to stop slinging food earlier. We are extremely limited by space and equipment, and on a busy day can easily run through all that we are able to prep and store. Beverages and small bites are available until close.

I really want some food, but the wait is 45 minutes?
We get busy. Our kitchen is small, and our standards are high. Limiting our offerings and managing our orders allows us to achieve the consistent level of quality that you expect from us. If you're worried about a long wait, we encourage you to order online and select a pickup time that suits your schedule. 

I'm looking to get in touch with Banter. How can I do this?
Email is the best form of communication. Our staff are busy and our business phone is meant for call-in orders only. Drop us a line at​

Whats the deal with Fairhaven Pizza?
Fairhaven Pizza recently closed. It was owned and operated by Banter, but is being renovated to become our newest location: a brunch concept, opening sometime in 2022. 

Can I still use my Saltine, Fairhaven Pizza, or ANMLY Gift Card?
It depends on the spot. After Hours honored Saltine Gift Cards for its first 6 months of operation, but ceased doing so as of July 31st, 2022. ANMLY/Fairhaven Pizza gift cards will forever be valid at any Banter location. New Banter gift cards are now available for purchase in-store and online. For an eGift card, go here: 

Do you take reservations?

We take reservations for parties of 8 or more. For larger parties, we will most likely push you towards a private event or catering service. If you roll deep, please email

What are your COVID precautions?

We do not currently require masks, but you must be vaccinated to dine indoors. We have outdoor seating available on sunny days, but it can be chilly, so come prepared. These policies are subject to change on a daily basis.

Do you cater?

Yes and no . . . We specialize in small to mid-sized events (typically 25-75 people), either in-house or Super Bowl-style, ready for you to pick up. Currently, we do not offer offsite catering and must deny some requests simply due to timing and feasibility. However, we encourage you to reach out and tell us a bit about your event to see if it's a good fit. We love us a good event, and even if we can't cater for you today, we are happy to offer professional suggestions. Check out our event options  

Are you hiring?
We are constantly growing and our staffing needs change often. Because of this, we are always looking for talent, and most of the time can find a position for applicants who share our values, are ambitious about taking on challenges, and will help us grow. If you think you'd be a good fit, please send your resume to We will keep it on deck for three months and will holler if something pops up. 


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